Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 1 of the 30-DAY CHALLENGE!

I will be posting the results of our 30-day challenge weekly, but might also post as I can, depending on the volume of submissions received.  Just wanted to show the early results of Day 1, the first three submissions (and a bonus):

Well, this might be "cheating", but I did email myself my entry:  The last few remaining leaves on the tips of my apple tree, preliminary sketch:

#2: Ellen Keane:

And, the first entry received in our 30-Day Challenge is (drum roll, please) by...Celeste!

Another early entry, from Anne McCahill, visiting Pitcairn Island: Eucalyptus leaf:

Oh boy!
Happy New Year!
...And two more additions for Day 1 by Judith Towers:
..and Elizabeth Lyon:
Cheryl Exley's Day 1:

From Kay Lindberg:
From Barbara Chadwick:

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