Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two Reminders: 30-Day Challenge, GA Show

by Judy Thomas


A few of put our heads together and thought of a way to get us all creating art and out of the post-holiday doldrums:  A 30-DAY CHALLENGE!
WHEN: January 2 to 31, 2015
WHAT:  Create some botanical art every day (caveats below).  It can be a small sketch, or part of a longer-term composition.  A nature journal entry, or a quick impression of a plant.  You can work on one part of a collection of subjects. We know that January is not a great time to find plants in bloom outdoors, so what to draw or paint?  Here are some ideas:
1. Dead stuff.  Finally figure out how to draw those dead leaves and grasses.  Or draw pine cones, magnolia cones, seed heads, acorns, walnuts... Collect them now!
2. House plants you have around: poinsettias, Christmas cactus, regular cactus, begonias, mother-in-law tongue, philodendrons....or amaryllis, paper white narcissus.
3.  Plants purchased at the greenhouse or grocery.  Exotics, like orchids, or simple mums.
4. Speaking of the grocery, what about fruits and vegetables, whole, sliced or otherwise!  Some stores carry exotic produce, Buddha's hand, lychee, bitter melon (check out ethnic stores and Whole Foods, too).
WHAT TO DO:  do your daily artwork. Take a photo or scan and email it to Judy Thomas,jmthomasbotart@gmail.com.  Tell me the subject and media and I will post them all weekly on our blog,www.centralvirginiabotanicalartists.blogspot.com (to find our blog more easily, just search or Google CVABA).
Can't draw the entire 30 days?  Fine, do what you can, when you can. The person who participates the longest will win a prize!
REMINDER 2: The GA Show. 
Remember, we are showing our artwork during the General Assembly session starting in January.  We will be picking up artwork at our next meeting at the Tuckahoe Library: THURSDAY, Jan 8, 9 AM-3 PM.  Please remember to wrap up your artwork to protect it and help those volunteering to transport it.  Two pieces per artist.  Framed prints acceptable.
The exhibit runs Jan. 14 to Feb. 28.  Please email the following information to Judy Thomas jmthomasbotart@gmail.com  by Jan 3 to include on the exhibit labels:
You name
Title of the Piece
Media used
Sale price or NSF (not for sale).

You will be emailed a waiver form that must accompany each piece of artwork, or it will not be displayed.

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