Thursday, March 2, 2017

Report on the CVABA Meeting March 27, 2017 
By Winnifred Hebb

Judith Towers and Gail Goodrich-Harwood gave us a wonderful program about roots, their parts, and examples of how to draw them today at our monthly meeting. Judith took the time to not only display a large table of all kinds of roots, but talked about the different kinds including bulbs, combs, rhizomes, and fibrous roots.

Also of interest to us was the way she actually displayed them, which you can see in the accompanying photos. After her lecture most of us chose a plant with a root or root part to draw from her table. This program was in anticipation of our upcoming June botanical art exhibit at Tuckahoe Library.

Gail Goodrich-Harwood obtained permission from well-known colored-pencil artist Wendy Hollender to share her instructional material on drawing roots.  Gail then led the group in a roots drawing exercise.  What fun!

We wish to thank Judith and Gail for the time they spent in preparing and presenting this very interesting program.

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