Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Plants and Pollinators
by Judy Thomas

In celebration of National Pollinators' Week, our annual June exhibit theme was "Plants and Pollinators."  Members created works that included appropriate pollinators, and/or described the pollinators for the plant depicted on accompanying signs.  Some even included information on wind and water pollination, and self-pollinated plants. As we all know, insect and animal pollinators, so necessary to our survival, are under threat.  On June 25, 2016, CVABA held a community outreach event at Tuckahoe Library in Henrico, VA, in conjunction with the exhibit to educate the public about the importance of pollinators.  Twelve members of our organization presented activities about plants and pollinators.   Over 100 individuals attended, from children, parents, and grandparents, to entire families.  The library staff asked us to provide a similar event next year!  

Here is the crowd (and me, bottom left corner, teaching "How to Draw a Flower in Perspective"'):

Here are some of the other activities!

Minh-Chau Truong and Angel Zhao presented an activity in Chinese brush painting and calligraphy

Judith Towers presented activities about cotton in "Think Cotton!"

Celeste Johnston teaches botany

Susan Estes helps guest make a paper flower and add a pollinator.

Paula Blair helps guests make flower cards.

Kay Lindberg demonstrates needle felting

Gail Goodrich Harwood helps visitors make a "Pollinator 'Zine."

Ellen Keane (and special helper) teach watercolor

And not pictured, Winnifred Hebb helped guests make a field sketching journal.

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