Friday, October 30, 2015

ASBA 2015: Miami

Reflections Contributed by Gail Goodrich Harwood and Paula Blair

When asked to describe their favorite parts of the ASBA Conference, Gail wrote:

“- The Small Works exhibition featuring works from artists new to botanical art alongside world-renowned artists.

- All beautiful works, even more so because of the use of neutral, standard frames.  The most instructive aspect for me was the range of imaginative composition treatments.

- The Portfolio Sharing session - loved the opportunity to look at both finished and in-progress works.

- Classes - the chance to learn new techniques and tips for correcting mistakes.

-Hanging out with 200 people who are completely into botanical art!

And Paula wrote:

“Ditto to what Gail said!

-I loved meeting so many interesting people who also love art, botanical art, flowers, gardens, etc.  My workshops/classes were great! 

-I got to meet some of the people whose names I see in the Journal - all were welcoming, encouraging, friendly . . .

-I sat by Lea Rohrbaugh and Catherine Watters on the bus going to Vizcaya and took a class with Derek Norman . . .

-Now I am fired up to go to Pittsburgh 2016 and Filoli 2017!!"

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