Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Fibonacci Sequence

 By Judy Thomas

In January, Celeste Johnston and I were lucky to take a class with Mary Ellen Carsley, a gifted teacher of art.  Mary Ellen teaches art at the Severn School in MD, the United States Bitnic Garden/ Corcoran School and other venues.  Celeste and I had both taken her scientific illustration class 2 years ago and, like last time, we were so impressed!  She is a great teacher, able to move students along on the process, demonstrating clearly and effectively and giving individual attention. Here are some scenes from the class:
Top left clockwise: creating the golden rectangle; the papaya, a great Fibonacci plant;
In-class review; "field sketching"in the USBG and: my thumbnails of tillandsias.

Mary Ellens next weekend class will be in April, and is a subject class: Cacti and Succulents.  I highly recommend it! By March 1, the sign up info should be available at: http://www.usbg.gov/programs-and-events

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