Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Visit to Nimrod Hall

Nimrod Hall

Submitted by Judy Thomas

Five CVABA members went to Nimrod Hall, an art retreat in Bath County, VA, for the first retreat of the season, called "open week."  Nimrod Hall is hard to describe: established in 1783 the hall has been home to artists each summer for 27 years.  It is a rustic, but beautiful, setting on the Cowpasture River.  Artists come to work in this amazing setting.  As it is hard to describe, I thought I would let the artists' words speak for themselves, below.  But one important thing to know, is that we are all going back next year!

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Anne McCahill:

Early morning haze and crisp air

Await a sunny day

Some of us are prepping canvases and palettes

Others are selecting plant and flower samples

While their senses are awakening....

Feathered friends chirp in unison

Flowers adorn porches and jardinettes

There's beauty and inspiration all around....

Ding dong, the antique bell resounds for the breaking of bread

Bon appetit!

Rustic dwellings, lake, pond, fields, mounts and vales

Are captured by caressing brush strokes,

Greens, blues and mauves compete for the best in show

At dusk, a glass of rouge or blanc is shared by fellow painters,

Lively exchanges echo thru the compound

Before the curtains are drawn.

'Tis time to dream about another fulfilling day

Gail Goodrich Harwood:

Nimrod is:
Taking time out from the busyness of life to just BE...to draw, to paint, to find new sources of inspiration...while sharing experiences with others who are passionate about art...and a little crazy, as all artists are.

Nimrod is:  a magical place to feed one's soul.

Kay Lindberg:

Not knowing what to experience on my first visit to Nimrod, I was very pleased with my whole vacation. Laura Loe, the owner and artistic director, covered every detail to make us welcome. She had not previously dealt with botanical artists like CVaBA, but she made us feel at home by allowing us to use the old post office as our studio. The whole grounds are unbelievably beautiful and peaceful with trees that are hundreds of years old and original buildings that have been restored but remain rustic. With farmland and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background, I could not ask for more.

Geranium, watercolor, Elizabeth Binnings
Elizabeth Binnings:

Nimrod Hall Plant paintplaycation,  I made that up, but it best describes our week.  Everywhere we looked, there were fresh flowers, wonderful vistas and serenity.  No TV, No loud music, No loud talking on cell phones, just laughter, quiet conversation, crickets and frogs and birds.

Our "Square House"  was very comfortable, even with my scooter.  The front porch was wonderful with rocking chairs and cool breezes.  Stacy, the chef put together some great meals and was creative with the vegetarian menu.  Laura, our hostess, made sure we had what we needed for inspiration, supplies and gentle help.  One morning, several of us even went to paint a landscape at the "pond" or swimming hole.

It seemed that each of us botanical folk were using different media so it was good to learn more about embroidery, pen and ink, colored pencil, water color and mixed media.  And yes, I am proud of my geranium painting, and received some great compliments.

All in all a most excellent adventure.

Judy Thomas:
Nimrod is:

…permission to work all I wanted, to sketch and draw, with no other obligations.

…beautiful, peaceful, soothing, yet inspiring.

…camaraderie in a community of artists.

…rustic, yet comfortable.

Think about coming with us next year!

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