Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Drawing Fundamentals for Botanical Illustration I

Drawing Fundamentals for Botanical Illustration I
By Hazel Buys
The first class in the redesigned Certificate Program in Botanical Illustration at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens wrapped up last Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013. A delightful and enthusiastic group of six artists, some new to drawing, some renewing their skills, completed the four classes that introduced them to botanical illustration and the fundamentals of drawing. These classes concentrated on botanical subjects, although the classes taught a skill set basic to drawing in any genre.

The students learned the proper way to light their subject and work surface and drew from live or dried botanical specimens. They explored the rich possibilities in line making, the use of tone in creating form and how to use perspective in depicting leaves that fold toward, and away from, the viewer. The classes included a study of the basic elements of composition, the Golden Section and how these principles guide the artist in arranging the subject on the paper. All drawings emphasized accuracy and detail.

Each student succeeded in completing the assignments that showcased what they had learned, and for those interested in pursuing the Certificate in Botanical Illustration, comprise the beginnings of their botanical illustration portfolio.

The next class in the series, Fundamentals of Drawing for Botanical Illustration II, begins March 12, 2013 at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Prerequisites include completion of Fundamentals of Drawing for Botanical Artists I OR permission of the instructor.
For information, contact Hazel Buys at 804/740-7159 or email: hazelmbuys@yahoo.com.
Register at http://www.lewisginter.org/adult-education/adult-educationhappeningnow.php#illustration

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