Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spotlight: Judith Towers

Happy One Year Anniversary, CVABA, with thanks to Judith Towers, who got us started!

Rosa 'Mrs. R.M. Finch' by Judith Towers

From Judith:  Rosa ‘Mrs. R.M. Finch’ is a delicate pink polyantha rose popular around 1900. I’d like to think that Grace Arents, Lewis Ginter’s niece, might have planted this very rose right near her home, Bloemendaal, where you still may find the rose today. In the early 1900’s Miss Arents lived in the modified Lakeside Wheel Clubhouse built by her uncle in the 1880’s. She must have considered the translation of Bloemendaal, “valley of flowers”, when she willed her property to the city of Richmond with the provision that it would become a botanical garden.1 

Rosa 'Grimaldi' by Judith Towers

Rosa ‘Grimaldi’ is a floribunda rose found in the terraced rose garden at LGBG. Its color ranges from bright red-orange often striped with white, to salmon pink with purplish tones as blossoms age. Over a three-year time period I waited to study blossoms at just the right stage in order to complete this work. Being able to capture buds opening, petals curling, leaves dancing, and colors changing is at once the most compelling and challenging aspect of botanical art. It is almost as if we grow and change along with each plant.

                                                                                                Judith Towers
Just living is not enough, said the butterfly.
One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
                                                            ~Hans Christian Andersen

Blog Managers Note:  Judith Towers is primarily responsible for the founding of our Artists' Circle, the CVABA,  She has been involved for years in the arts, as a teacher, fiber artist, spinner and botanical artist.  One of our members found this "blast from the past" regarding Judith:

This is from a 1994 "Spin Off" magazine article on Judith!
Thank you Judith, on behalf of all our members, for getting us started!

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  1. Thank you Judith - I'm so glad you got our group started here in Central Virginia! I appreciate your being so generous with your time. Paula