Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spotlight: Rebecca "Becky" Spangler

This month, we are sharing the work of one of our botanical artists, Rebecca Spangler. Enjoy!

"Red Echinacea" by Becky Spangler
"My sister grows different types/colors of echinacea in our back yard.   I thought they would be a challenge to paint.  It was more of a challenge due to my clumsiness.  Twice I managed to flip my brush on the painting.  The second time it was loaded with red paint....  Juliet  Kirby [Judy's note: Ms. Kirby is an Adult Educator at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens] came to the rescue - she helped me remove some of the red paint and work the rest into the painting." [Judy's note: and what a wonderful outcome!]

"Pink Cally Lily" Becky Spangler 
"The pink calla lily is also a result of my sister's green thumb.  They are very hardy flowers.  She thought they were annuals, but they are perennials in our yard."

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